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Re: CONFLICTS variable is terrible

On Tue, 04 Nov 2008 02:29:42 +0900, Aleksey Cheusov <> 

>  >> 1) TONS of packages do not set CONFLICTS variable properly.
>> Yes, it is.
> I personally think that missed CONFLICTS is critical bug and
> most of them MUST be fixed before 2008Q4 happens.
> What's your plans?
> For this one day noone even tried to use/test wip/pkg_conflicts.

I have no plan.
I don't konw why you want to fix it even though you want to remove the variable.

>  >> 2) I wrote wip/pkg_conflicts to automate checks for CONFLICTS.
>> It's nice, but seems some redundant.
>> For example, ap13-* v.s. ap22-*.
> I think wip/pkg_conflicts works correctly here.

> hint: In your case apache-1.3 and apache-2.2 do not conflict.

apache-1.3 and apache-2.2 are same package with diffrent version,
naturally conflict, no need to mark as CONFLICTS.

>  >> 3) Why not to remove CONFLICTS variable at all?
>> How to detect CONFLISTS before installation from source?
> Filenames from currently installed package (before unpacking) should be 
> checked
> against filenames stored in database.

It's binary package behaviour.
Again, "Install from source".

>> And how about conflicts with older version, already resolved with current 
>> version?
> Missed conflicts found by wip/pkg_conflicts shows much more serious problems
> than just missed CONFLICTS variable. The real problem is that
> there are several completely different reasons, why packages have common 
> filenames.
> (snip)

I knew it, but not answer to my question.
CONFLICTS is not always detected automatically.

"Of course I love NetBSD":-)
OBATA Akio /

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