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apr0/1 and subversion

Now that we have changed the default apache to 2.2, I think it's time to
revisit the defaults for subversion.  Eric and I have discussed briefly
and he suggested that I send a note to tech-pkg.

There are two conflicting desires.  One is build subversion in the
standard way, and the other is to interact nicely with the default
apache.  (It's unfortunate that apr0 and apr1 can't cooexist, but
currently they can't.)

Changing subversion to apr1 changes the ABI for things that depend on
it, but that's basically langugage bindings, and ap2-subversion (that
defaults to apache22 anyway).

Currently devel/subversion-base has options:
  apache22 apr1 serf

apache22 and apr1 are really two ways to say the same thing.

serf is an optional library for http that requires using devel/apr

I do not see apache22 (as an option) used elsewhere in pkgsrc.

So, I propose:

  drop apache22 option from devel/subversion-base

  drop apache22 option from www/ap2-subversion

    [This will require installing apache first, or configuring/accepting
    the pkgsrc default apache option, so this module will be like many

  drop apr1 option from subversion-base
    [Use devel/apr by default.]

  add apr0 option to subversion-base

  add code to fail if serf and apr0 are both requested.
  (They are not an option group.)

This essentially takes the position that apache22 and apr1 are normal,
and that apache20 and apr0 are old.

Perhaps the apr0 option should be switch on automatically if apache2 is
installed, but I don't think we do that yet.  Not doing this means that
people that want to live in the apache2 world would have in mk.conf:

PKG_APACHE_DEFAULT=             apache2
PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+=           apr0

and someone who wants apache22/apr1 would have nothing.  Right now
everyone needs one or the other.


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