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Re: apr0/1 and subversion

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Changing subversion to apr1 changes the ABI for things that depend on
> it, but that's basically langugage bindings, and ap2-subversion (that
> defaults to apache22 anyway).

Well, ABI-compatibility is irrelevant for things like this, which
you (or pkgsrc build-folks) build from source anyway.  In theory,
users may have binaries they don't have the source to, and those
are the problem.  I don't think I've heard of such binaries, though,
and don't sympathize with them anyway.

> So, I propose:
>   drop apache22 option from devel/subversion-base
>   drop apache22 option from www/ap2-subversion
>     [This will require installing apache first, or configuring/accepting
>     the pkgsrc default apache option, so this module will be like many
>     ap2-foo.]
>   drop apr1 option from subversion-base
>     [Use devel/apr by default.]
>   add apr0 option to subversion-base
>   add code to fail if serf and apr0 are both requested.
>   (They are not an option group.)
> This essentially takes the position that apache22 and apr1 are normal,
> and that apache20 and apr0 are old.

+1 from me.

Eric Gillespie <*>

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