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Re: lib/42405: libc: getaddrinfo() should perform T_A lookups before T_AAAA lookups, was: Resolver problems

Matthias Scheler <> writes:

> No, the problem is caused by a router whose builtin caching nameserver
> sends broken replies if NetBSD's libc queries for AAAA records. The broken
> answer gets ignored and NetBSD's libc waits 15(?) seconds before trying
> to query for A records.

I see.  Well, perhaps some kind of "don't do AAAA lookups" runtime
config would help such people.  Or a switch to accept replies from the
wrong port.

I wonder how many people are suffering from this - it's not clear that
it's sensible for people who aren't having the problem to spend time
working on it, compared to replacing a few broken routers.

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