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Re: lib/42405: libc: getaddrinfo() should perform T_A lookups before T_AAAA lookups, was: Resolver problems

> No, the problem is caused by a router whose builtin caching
> nameserver sends broken replies if NetBSD's libc queries for AAAA
> records.  The broken answer gets ignored and NetBSD's libc waits
> 15(?) seconds before trying to query for A records.

How would asking for A first help?  It'd still block the same way when
it gets around to asking for AAAA; the getaddrinfo() interface does not
have any sort of "here's an address but there may be more coming along
later" semantic available (nor can it, given its synchronous design).
To paper over this you'd have to not ask for AAAA at all. the broken response identifable as coming from this
particular bustification?  If so, perhaps we could recognize it and
immediately stop trying to look up AAAA?  (Though arguably that's
wrong; I'm with kre on the "make brokenness blatantly identifable as
such" stance, so I'm rarely in favour of papering over brokenness

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