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Re: pm2fb driver


On Thu, 11 Dec 2014 02:11:58 +0900
"Naruaki.Etomi" <> wrote:

> I'm glad to receive a reply from you.
> I appreciate your help.

Sorry it took so long.

> >The bitblt problem might be an endianness side effect, I remember lots
> >of trouble getting it to work right in 8bit mode ( with copying pixels
> >in 32bit quantities for speed )
> It seems to be work fine on TVP4020 chip card.
> (The reason I do not know...)
> --------------------------------
>     adjust = 1;
> #else
>     adjust = ((xd & 3) - (xs & 3));
> #endif

Did you try this with a font that's not a multiple of 4 wide? Or an
anti-aliased font? Unaligned blits won't occur otherwise, and I doubt
the adjustment will always be 1 on little endian hardware.
I suggest using something like this in order to trigger it:
and no other font option. Or any other font with an odd width.
With this you can trigger unaligned blits whenever characters are
shifted sideways. Also, with an anti-aliased font characters will be
cached in video memory, the cache will start at x=0, not necessarily
aligned with the x adjustment due to centering the text output.

> If you need, I will send Raptor GFX(TVP4020) card.

What I have identifies itself as 'TechSource Raptor GFXP', node name is TSI,gfxp.
If you have a spare PM2 with Sun or Apple compatible firmware that
would certainly be helpful, I had no idea there are different versions
of the Raptor with different graphics controllers.

> Please contact me if you need anything.
> I'll be happy to help you.

Please test what I described above, I doubt that adjust = 1 is always
correct, although it might be off by one from the big endian case. If
you have a PM2V in a little-endian machine please try that as well,
most hardware I have here is big endian and the only Permedia I have is
a PM2V with Sun firmware.

have fun

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