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Re: pm2fb driver

Hi Radek!

On Wed, 10 Dec 2014 19:25:35 +0100
Radoslaw Kujawa <> wrote:

> After Michael finishes integrating your changes, I should also test on
> CyberVision PPC card for Amiga (which is based on TVP4020). Something
> tells me I’m going to have much better success with pm2fb on it now.

Didn't you hack amigappc to work with radeonfb a while ago? Whatever
you did to the PCI goop will probably help ;)

> It didn’t work until now, so I was forced to use slow genfb.
> Unfortunately never had the time to look into issues with pm2fb myself.

If it's a PM2-not-V you will need Naruaki-san's changes. Unfortunately
my way too short weekend is over and I didn't have anywhere near as
much time as I hoped so I'm not likely to get to it until Monday or

have fun

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