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Re: pm2fb driver

Dear Michael-san.


I carry out a test of adjust = 1.

I set FONT_DROID_SANS_MONO9x18 on /sys/arch/alpha/conf/GENERIC.


I think that anti-aliased font drawing is wrong on Little-Endian Hardware.

Default(FONT_GALLANT12x22) font drawing is fine.


Of course Raptor GFX and Sparc64 is fine.


I investigate pm2fb_putchar_aa.

>What I have identifies itself as 'TechSource Raptor GFXP', node name is TSI,gfxp.
>If you have a spare PM2 with Sun or Apple compatible firmware that
>would certainly be helpful, I had no idea there are different versions
>of the Raptor with different graphics controllers.

I will give Raptor GFX(TVP4020) card to you.
Could you e-mail your address to me?(

>If you have a PM2V in a little-endian machine please try that as well,
>most hardware I have here is big endian and the only Permedia I have is
>a PM2V with Sun firmware.

Sorry, I do not have PM2V card...

Best regards,
Naruaki Etomi

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