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Re: pm2fb driver

Dear Michael-san.


>I think that's not the actual drawing but copying glyphs within video
>memory. Please disable the glyph cache in pm2fb_putchar_aa() like this:

>-       rv = glyphcache_try(&sc->sc_gc, c, x, y, attr);
>-       if (rv == GC_OK)
>-               return;
>+       rv = GC_NOPE;

>This should draw every character every time instead of trying to cache
>them in video memory. If that looks correct it's pm2fb_bitblt(), if
>it's still wrong then host-to-vram blits are off ( which would be odd
>since they operate pixel by pixel )

I carry out a test according to your instructions.


I was moved by how beautiful it was.
I think that all problem are solved!

I will send that Christmas present to you within several days.

I appreciate all your help!

Best regards,
Naruaki Etomi

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