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Re: Bountysource campaign for gcc-vax

On Sun, 13 Dec 2020, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> > This is all extremely exciting to read about. But my main question right
> > now is when we can expect this to pop into the NetBSD tree?
> Most likely after gcc-11 has been released.

 It is up to you guys really: you can either cherry-pick and backport 
individual changes or merge from the upstream tree, perhaps indeed at GCC 
11, as the tree is obviously a bit unstable from Stage 1 stuff right now.

 I reckon there were those changes from Kalvis (cc-ed for attention) made 
earlier on for C++ exceptions and some other issues.  They might be worth 
upstreaming too so that you don't have to maintain them as local changes, 
which is always painful with merges.  Of course with Stage 1 having ended 
already and Stage 3 planned to close in a month's time you cannot propose 
any new features anymore and you need to hurry with bug fixes too (mind 
the festive season, however odd this year!).

 NB I always recommend doing any stuff upstream first and backporting 
except for emergency fixes as otherwise you have double work to do and a 
moving target to chase, or continued maintenance work with merges.


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