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Re: Larger memory option for VAXstations

On 2015-08-21 19:03, Antonio Carlini wrote:
On 21/08/15 11:58, Johnny Billquist wrote:
32-bit? You mean 34-bit? Or did the NVAX+ only implement 32-bit PA
although the VARM allows up to 34-bits?

The bit blow was copied-and-pasted from p2-3 of that manual. There are
other references to 32 and 30 so I don't think it is a typo.

Interesting. I wonder why they skipped 2 bits.

"In addition to the natural 32-bit physical address, the CPU may be
configured to generate 30-bit
physical addresses. In this mode, only 512MB of memory space can be
referenced, as shown in
Figure 2–3."

That could be interesting information to read.

Can you handle a PDF of just under 900KB by email?

Should be fine.

There's a scan (rather than an original doc) on bitsavers:

(I'm pretty sure this stuff has been sent to others in the past, but I
can't find out to whom or where it might be right now).

I know I have received some documents from you in the past, but I can't remember that one.


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