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One more for the VAX crowd... 4000/90a FEPROM reprogram...


My VAXstation 4000/90a made a cross-country trip so that an expert could replace a SIMM socket with corroded pins. It came back clean and beautiful. However...

I put in a full 128 megs of memory. It boots showing 64 megs, but shows:

KA49-A V1.0-006-V4.0

------    --------    --------------------------
     1         NVR    OK
     2       LCSPX    ?? 001 0480
                      Highres 66Hz - 8 Plane 4Mpixel FB - V1.0
     3          DZ    OK
     4       CACHE    OK
     5         MEM    OK
                      128MB   0A,0B,0C,0D=16MB, 1E,1F,1G,1H=16MB

So I tested the memory. No problems. I took out 64, tested one bank. No problems. Took that one out and put in the other. No problems. Moved those SIMMs to the second bank. Tested with no problems. Swapped the other SIMMs in to that second bank and tested. No problems. So, both sets of SIMMs test fine in both banks.

I put back in the full 128 megs. It comes up as 128 megs. I try to boot and get messages like:

boot eza0 [1232/1831]

  PC= 00001F6D PSL= 041F0000


show boot


%VMB-F-ERR, PC = 00001340
%VMB-I-STS, R0 = 00000908
  PC= 0000167F PSL= 041F0000

Looking online, other people mention similar errors in conjunction with corrupted FEPROMs. I have a copy of COUGAR.SYS 1.4, but since I can't boot via MOP, I'm not sure what else to do.

Is there another way to load a fresh COUGAR.SYS in to the FEPROMs? I was thinking of writing a script which (slowly) issues DEPOSIT commands over the serial port for all 512 KB of COUGAR.SYS, but even if I get it loaded in to memory, how would I flash it in to the FEPROM from the chevron prompt? Could I manually write all zeros, then all ones, then write directly to the FEPROM?

Or is there another way to do this even though I can't MOP boot?

I can't wait to get this system running...


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