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Larger memory option for VAXstations


I was looking around at 100 Mbps ethernet cards for VAXstations and came across a product catalogue from a company called Nemonix. It lists products such as 100 Mbps ethernet and UW-SCSI expansion boards and other neat products, but most interestingly it lists a 512 meg upgrade kit for VAXstation 4000/90 (90a or 96) systems as eight 64 meg SIMMs.

It doesn't seem as if the memory is available separately from an upgraded motherboard they sell, but it appears that the upgrade provides 2 megs of cache and synchronous SCSI (up to 10 MB/sec) in addition to the ability to handle up to 512 megs of memory.

Does anyone have any hardware information about VAXstation 4000/90(a or 96) motherboards which would help figure out how we might be able to get 512 megs?

Faster SCSI wouldn't be so bad, too :)


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