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Re: Larger memory option for VAXstations

On 2015-08-19 19:38, Felix Deichmann wrote:
Am 19.08.2015 um 15:32 schrieb Johnny Billquist:
I think so too. And to correct the math, the 128M means that they must
be using 32Mx1.

OK, you wanna confuse me... :)

Probably... :-D

VS4000 with 128 MByte maxed out means eight modules with 16 MByte each,
and each module has 36 chips (18 top side + 18 bottom side!), each chip
with organization 4Mx1 (4 MBit x 1). A total of 288 chips...!
Look at your modules' chips: 4Mx1.

I haven't opened up my 4000 in years... I assumed it was a total of 38 chips. Not per stick, with 8 sticks. Sorry.

Well, correcting my math. If we want 512MB with 36 chips means that each
chip needs to be 128Mx1.

Hm, probably mixed MBit and MByte...
Memory organization is always specified in bits (like 4Mx1, without
"B"), and I always wrote a "B" when I meant bytes.

No. See above. :-)

The CPU do, but does the motherboard? That was what Nemonix was

The MicroVAX 3100 88/98 or related VAX 4000 m108 is officially specified
with 512 MByte indeed:


Cool. Nice.


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