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Re: Larger memory option for VAXstations

As I think it will be nearly impossible to find existing memory
modules for the desired 512 MB, you would also need to design and
solder your own modules. The largest common ones for VS4000 have 36
DRAM chips (18 on each side) in SOJ package, each chip being 4Mx1. You
could use existing modules and desolder all SOJ ICs and refit with
16Mx1. *IF* you can address the additional memory at all.
But for the eight 64 MB modules, you would now need a total of 288
16Mx1 DRAM chips for example (oops)... What are you willing to invest?

I was already thinking of designing a small adapter board for adapting 72 pin SIMMs to VAXstation SIMMs because of the ridiculous prices people are charging for memory on eBay these days. Parity SIMMs aren't that hard to find. On the other hand, it may be simpler to just make 64 meg SIMMs with parity. Memory these days is very inexpensive.

Perhaps the SCSI upgrade was replacing the 53C94 with a 53CF94. If you're swapping chips on the motherboard anyway, why not?


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