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Re: vax port status

Yes, except (and i'm sorry i forgot that) for the build-restarts needed because of groff segfaulting. I was so used to these segfaults i forgot about that completely. The exclusion of the regression tests are for speed, not because of a problem. Since i don't use the VAX "productive", i felt i could live without regression tests.
Of course, i could give them a try, if it helps.

Because of the recent mail activity on this subject i want to start a fresh build of -current tomorrow, anyway. So i'll include the regression tests, then, and report any new problems.

Btw.: i never had any lockups with this machine; this was mentioned recently as an open problem. This could be because i have 448 MBytes RAM installed and the machine hardly ever swaps...


Gordon Zaft wrote:
 Just to clarify, you were able to install 4.0.1, then build -current
natively on your 4000/705?  You say you excluded the regression tests,
why is that?  Speed?  A workaround for a problem?

 Thanks, I am trying to get a handle on the current status and it's
very confusing.


On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 10:55 AM, Michael Schneider 
<ms%vaxcluster.de@localhost> wrote:
I did, just recently (started last weekend and finished... well, later), and
just for the fun of it.
I installed 4.0.1, then compiled the whole system including x11 but
excluding the regression tests.
The resulting system boots fine and recompiles itself, with one exception:
awk dumps core occasionally. I had to replace it with the 4.0 binary.

The system used is a 4000/705

I did not try to use the freshly compiled boot loader (/boot), i have to
admit. But the rest of the system is now rock-solid, with 4.99.73 running

Michael Schneider                       email:   ms%vaxcluster.de@localhost
Germany                                  http://www.vaxcluster.de

       "Isn't it amazing how nasty electricity can get
         once you get it pissed off?" (Barry Watzman)

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