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Re: Summary of VAX port status

My takeaway (please correct me where I'm wrong):

1) native builds on 4.0.1 are broken


2) native builds on current... ??

Need to be restarted a few times, but generally works.

3) native builds of pkgsrc are broken

In NetBSD 4, lots of stuff doesn't work. In NetBSD 5 or current, all the major packages work.

4) pkgsrc can't be crosscompiled.

Never could be. There's been SOME work on it, but not

Is all that right? Is it impossible for me to get a working bash shell on VAX?

Of course not. With NetBSD 5, I'm running bind-9.6, apache 2.2.11, bash 3.whatever, pine, imap-uw, sendmail, procmail, stunnel, and lots of other things.


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