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Re: vax port status

I did, just recently (started last weekend and finished... well, later), and just for the fun of it. I installed 4.0.1, then compiled the whole system including x11 but excluding the regression tests. The resulting system boots fine and recompiles itself, with one exception: awk dumps core occasionally. I had to replace it with the 4.0 binary.

The system used is a 4000/705

I did not try to use the freshly compiled boot loader (/boot), i have to admit. But the rest of the system is now rock-solid, with 4.99.73 running.


Johnny Billquist wrote:
John Klos skrev:

So what is the current status? There was a flurry of activity earlier in the year and nothing lately. I can't really detect from the list if it is working or not.

As we speak, I am trying to netboot my VS4000/60 with -current which I crossbuilt with Ubuntu Linux.

Current works pretty darn well - lots of packages build and work and my
systems are completely stable.

Interesting. Have you tried building the whole system natively?


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