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Re: crash building in groff

Michael L. Hitch wrote:
On Fri, 9 Jan 2009, Brad Parker wrote:

Turns out the crash in groff is due to some problem with hypot()
in the arc object creation code.  (what a pain to find!)

If I make the c++ hypot() return 1.0 all is good.

I'll try and figure out why.

  That sounds like it may be a problem in hypot() attempting to return
a "quiet" NaN, but the vax doesn't have a real NaN of any type, and
someone decided to use a "reserved operand" for that, which would result in an illegal instruction trap.

The weird thing though, is that you don't get an illegal instruction trap, or anything like that.

What you get is:

pic: Unsupported relocation type 168 in non-PLT relocations

grops: Unsupported relocation type 136 in non-PLT relocations


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