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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

Now I will jump into the fray. :-)

> No. I consider a CDC-6600 or a PDP-10 or 4.2BSD a dinosaur.
>  VAXen and m68k machines are already mammals. ;-)

Actually dinosaurs where Mamals :-)  A better distinction would be
machines where you need wither your own substation or substantial
shares in the public Utiliies and those that don't break the bank. OK
some vaxen are in the first group (like anyone luckly enough to have
a 9000).

On the other side, it would be very interesting to see a BSD that
can run without MMU.  I am not aware of any that do this.  I know
that Hardhat Linux does and a few other distros, but no BSD

I do a lot of work now in the embedded world (where Vxworks and
the link reign supreme).  I once did an "embedded" project with
FreeBSD (but it was a P4 based product and worked of a 4MB
flash image (yes very small).

I would think with the broad support the NetBSD has in terms of
hardware and the various busses this would be a real win.   This
then really screws up the images being presented here because
those "modern" "state of the art" CPUS are MMU-less.



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