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Re: Boot NetBSD9.1 on a SUN Blade 100


When you send break, we get the interrupt, and everything above that is
because of that ...

> sparc_interrupt(101d8a040, 101d8a040, 1c55, 1cba038, 1cba038, 101d8a040) at
> netb
> sd:sparc_interrupt+0x294

... but I wonder why we were in firewire_watchdog() when you sent break:

> firewire_watchdog(101d8a040, 101d8a041, 0, 1cba038, 1cba038, 101d8a040) at
> netbs
> d:firewire_watchdog+0x48

That code is:

so are we spinning here for some reason?



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