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Re: Boot NetBSD9.1 on a SUN Blade 100

Update: 9.2 shows the same message and hangs...

Trying to setup a netboot environment with my linux-pc as a server, but so far not successful...

Am 15.06.21 um 07:46 schrieb Oliver Haak:
Hi John,
  I saw that thread you refer to, but did not consider it being relevant for me. But trying a different version of NetBSD is obviously a good idea, so will do and report back.


Am 14.06.2021 um 19:31 schrieb john%ziaspace.com@localhost:

I recently got my hands on a Sun Blade 100 with Solaris 9 installed. While I was using Solaris during my universiyt times, nowadays it feels a bit awkward, as it seems to be sometimes a bit difficult to adminster. Moreover, there seems to be no up-to-date web-browser available for it. OpenCSW.org offers a great collection of pre-compiled SW packages, however, these seem to be a little outdated as well, as those for Solaris 9 are no longer updated.
So, a good time to switch over to something different. I'm quite enthusiastic about Linux and aslways wanted to try one of the BSD-flavours. I downloaded the NetBSD-9.1-ISO and burnt it on a CD. While the booting from CDROM seems to work quite ok at first sight, the kernel hangs at "admtemp0: workqueue busy: updates stopped" and I have not the slightest idea, what this could mean. The sensor shwos up earlier in the boot log, but seems to be ok.

Any hints?
Not sure how related this is, but there was a thread about boot problems about a year ago here:


I don't remember what specifically was the issue, but this suggests that it has been addressed:


However, it might not've gotten in to 9.1. Can you try a 9.2 ISO and see if that works?


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