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Re: Boot NetBSD9.1 on a SUN Blade 100

Hi Julian,

if BREAK means ctrl-c or STOP-A: no, that doesn't work.

I went through all that docs regarding netbooting etc. but obviously I am missing something: ofwboot.net gets booted, my hosts reports that he gets an authenticated mount request (NFS), ofwboot reports all the correct data (hostname, IP-address, root-path, server, etc.) but I get an error message saying "rpc_call: error = 2", which seems undocumented.

Any help appreciated!


Am 15.06.21 um 14:29 schrieb Julian Coleman:

Update: 9.2 shows the same message and hangs...
Thanks for testing!  It would be interesting to know if -current works, but
maybe later.  Are you able to get to the debugger by sending a break signal?

Trying to setup a netboot environment with my linux-pc as a server, but so
far not successful...
That is definitely easier to test with.  There should be enough information


but let me know if you need help setting up the various servers.



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