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Re: Boot NetBSD9.1 on a SUN Blade 100

Ok, booted netbsd-GENERIC 9.2 and after the message:

[  65.0493773] admtemp0: workqueue busy: updates stopped

I sent a break. Here is the output from bt:

db{0}> bt
intr_list_handler(101dbe880, 7, e0047850, 10261f100, 10435e0, 101d8a040) at netb
sparc_interrupt(102680800, 101d8a041, 1cb7800, 10261f100, 80, 1c01000) at netbsd
stick2eintr(1, 0, 2014000, 0, 2014000, 10000) at netbsd:stick2eintr+0x20
intr_biglock_wrapper(0, 1, e0047b90, 0, 10435a0, e0048000) at netbsd:intr_bigloc
sparc_interrupt(101d8a040, 101d8a040, 1c55, 1cba038, 1cba038, 101d8a040) at netb
firewire_watchdog(101d8a040, 101d8a041, 0, 1cba038, 1cba038, 101d8a040) at netbs
callout_softclock(1cba040, 1000000, 10000, 30c0, 20c0, 1cba0e0) at netbsd:callou
softint_dispatch(2000, 1, 0, 101db8ca0, 1779500c0, 177950360) at netbsd:softint_
softint_fastintr(101db8ca0, 1, e0047cf0, 0, 10435a0, 2) at netbsd:softint_fastin
sparc_interrupt(f0056c1c, 1140d0, 1173b8, 0, fff57b48, 1) at netbsd:sparc_interr

Am 15.06.21 um 20:05 schrieb Julian Coleman:
Hi Oliver,

ok, that was definitely useful! It was the lack of NFS V2 offered by my
linux-box. After fixing it, I am finally able to load a kernel via NFS.
Good news - I'm glad that it was easy!

sorry, I have to correct myself: Actually, I can send BREAK from my terminal
program (minicom) and the kernel goes into debugging mode (shows db>

However, what am I going to do now?
At the db> prompt, the most useful command is `bt`.  That will give you
a backtrace, and hopefully show us where things are stuck.  If you could
send that to the list, then we should be able to work out where the problem
is and fix it.  Also, with network booting, it should be easy to boot with
different kernels.



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