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RE: Anyone have working pre-v8 machines?

I built an external SCSI DVD-ROM from LTO Streamer Case, ACARD adapter from SCSI to IDE and modern adapter from IDE to SATA. Now I can use DVD on XT (FutureDomain SCSI), Sun and other legacy devices - https://youtu.be/odJF81RPca0

I think, it is not very big deal to find an external scsi CD/DVD or build it from SCSI-CD and some cables.

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Hi Martin

Martin Husemann wrote:
> My theory is that there are no working v7 machines out there any more, 
> and if there are, they are permanently turned off. My last 
> SparcStation 2 died many years ago (and I didn't bother to repair whatever broke).
> Anyone here actually using a pre v8 machine?

I have one left, my IPC. My SS2 became unreliable and had to throw it away.
I use the IPC from time to time as a test, to compile etc...

However, I am not running 8.x or 9.x because I am unable to upgrade because I cannot boot any medium. I suppose others might have a similar issue.
If somebody can help me out there, I'd upgrade to a more recent version... but no boot. It is a loader issue.
I also fear that some kind of "in place" update would break things, but in case I am willing to try.


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