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Hi malte

Malte Dehling wrote:
> Completely unrelated to your question: I have this little pet project
> where I collect the PROMs for the various SUN frame buffers and among
> other things extract their logos.  See here if you’re interested:
> https://github.com/1k5/sun-fb-logos
> I don’t think I have the card you mentioned.  Would you be willing to
> contribute?  The git repository contains a howto document that
> describes the process - it is very simple of you have a SunOS/Solaris
> install or a serial connection.

Took out the SS20 of the rack (eh.. pile) of SPARCs since I have to
investigate the strange memory/cache issue anyway.

I just plugged it in.. and sorry to disappoint, no fun logo at boot!
just the old SUN logo in violet, like the IPC spits out. Like the CF3


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