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Hi Riccardo,

On Mon 1. Nov 2021 at 23:33, Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola%libero.it@localhost> wrote:

Michael wrote:
> There are a few other options to get 24bit graphics on an ss20,
> although they're also mostly made of unobtainium:

I have also here on storage a strange card by Parallax, which is both
24bit (but I could get it to run only on solaris 2.5, the drivers on 2.6
showed some artifacts, but I confirmed working) plus video acquisition.
It is a double-board, but vertically stacked, so it uses only one sbus
slot.I could watch TV through a tuner inside a window, IIRC, like I did
on the Apple Quadra AV.
It has 4 large LSI chips plus a custom hardware JPEG codec.

Completely unrelated to your question: I have this little pet project where I collect the PROMs for the various SUN frame buffers and among other things extract their logos.  See here if you’re interested:


I don’t think I have the card you mentioned.  Would you be willing to contribute?  The git repository contains a howto document that describes the process - it is very simple of you have a SunOS/Solaris install or a serial connection.


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