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Re: Disk and partition sizes (Was: sun4c)

David Brownlee a écrit :
On 27 June 2012 11:44, BERTRAND Joël <joel.bertrand%systella.fr@localhost
<mailto:joel.bertrand%systella.fr@localhost>> wrote:

            I cannot remember capacities of disks I have installed in my
    SS2 running linux (9 or 18 GB) and it worked fine if /boot was the
    first partition and doesn't exceed 1 GB.

            But one of my SS20's runs without trouble under NetBSD with
    two Fujitsu U320 disks (300 GB) and all other SS20 run with one ore
    two 73 GB disks.

Would you have one of those large disks you could spare to test
connecting up to the SS2, with a filesystem starting above 8GB to see if
it can use it (not boot from! :) without issue?

Obviously it would need to be a scratch filesystem, just in case :)

I can test, but I have to reinstall my SS2 that ran an old Linux/sparc release.



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