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Disk and partition sizes (Was: sun4c)


> Oh? thats been fixed? Brilliant. Back in the not-so-recent-unpleasantness 
> 2.0 or below(?) era I had a 4gb disk sliced up into roughly 900mb slices + 
> swap and misc. Worked fine. I then became overly zealous and fed it a 18gb 
> disk off two levels of converters and went gangbusters up to the point 
> where some counter wrapped and the fs was corrupted.

I'm not sure that this problem has been fixed.  The two different problems
are: 1) the firmware being only able to access the first chunk of disk (see
sparc/boot(8) for limitations), and; 2) corruption using larger disks in
some machines.

For the first problem, there is no fix, so it's simplest to make the boot
partition no larger than the requisite size (or 1GB to work on multiple

I'm guessing too that the second problem is also a hardware limitation with
the ESP 100A (NCR53C90 clone) used in the SS2(*), where the SS20 uses an
 ESP 200, and there have been reports of 18GB disks in SS20's.  However, I'm
not sure if there also limitations there as well.



(*) Guessing that this is an SS2 from:


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