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din-8 serial cables [was Re: /etc/disktab on vax]

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 11:28:46PM -0500, John D. Baker wrote:
> ...
> I was toying with an SS2 I was given, but like so many other things, it
> has been in the shelf idle.  It had a SunOS 4.3 installation on it, which
> I've preserved somewhere.  I could never get it to put its console on
> ttya even when I explicitly set everything in OBP.  The serial ports do
> work, though, when driven via getty or tip/cu.
> Somewhere under all the other stuff is an SS1+ and I think the hulk of
> another.  I've never had opportunity to explore them.  Perhaps that'll
> be something to do on an upcoming long weekend...
> That, and I need to make a pile of mini-DIN-8/DB25 cables...

If you (or anyone) needs a handful (5-7) of din-8 to db9f cables, I'll
send them your way for the cost of shipping.

For reference these are SGI part# 018-8104-001, and it's a 6" long
cable we used for the din-8 serial console on Indy, Challenge S, etc.
and it turns into a db9f on the other end, suitable for your laptop
serial port, most serial console servers of the era, etc.

Contact me off-list if you like.


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