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Re: problem with starting X in -current.

matthew green wrote:

On 07.01.19 18:55:17 you wrote:

> i tracked this down to the OF_nextprop() call in openfirmio() 
> OFIOCNEXTPROP case not returning:
>   LOG("name %s", name);
>   s = splhigh();
>   ok = OF_nextprop(node, name, newname);
>   splx(s);
>   LOG("newname %s", name);
> the first LOG() only is displayed.  powerpc OF_nextprop() is
> generic powerpc and works on macppc fine.
> i don't know what is up here.

As mentioned in another thread, the Pegasos OFW is broken, even on top of
FIRMWORKSBUGS. For a test, I would try it without splhigh()/splx().

Frank Wille

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