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Re: problem with starting X in -current.

Michael wrote:

> matthew green <mrg%eterna.com.au@localhost> wrote:
>> rev 1.2 looks like something i've seen -- /dev/openfirm
>> hanging..  yup.  when i make /dev/openfirm go away then
>> it starts up fine (didn't have to change code.)
> Xorg people seem to think __powerpc__ == power mac. Most of that mac
> model voodoo should be #ifdef __powermac__ or somesuch, not
> __powerpc__. Then again, asking /dev/openfirm a few questions shouldn't
> hang.

Usually not. But OFW on the Pegasos (SmartFirmware) is broken. It wouldn't
surprise me when other ofppc hardware still works.

I cannot remember that /dev/openfirm ever worked on the Pegasos. For a test
you can try ofctl(8). It freezes the Pegasos probably in exactly the same
way as the radeon driver does.

Frank Wille

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