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re: problem with starting X in -current.

> > older 1.18 or the new 1.20 version of xorg-server in xsrc.
> Then I guess it is more likely a problem in the kernel than in Xorg.
> I am running 1.18 with 8.0beta on my Pegasos2, which works fine.

that was my guess.  i was just trying to test the update and
it hung.

> > anyone have any idea about when this happened?
> No, I didn't try a current kernel for quite some time.

> Just started it again. Works with a Radeon 9250:
> X.Org X Server 1.18.4
> Build Operating System: NetBSD/ofppc 8.0_BETA - The NetBSD

OK, so it works in netbsd-8.  i've built a world there but i
am having trouble remembering how to netboot the pegasosII.

anyone remember? :-)


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