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re: problem with starting X in -current.

Frank Wille writes:
> matthew green wrote:
> > OK, so the xorg-server version seems irrelevant.  i see the
> > same hang using 1.10 in -current (as in, i built ofppc with
> I also made some more tests. I upgraded my system to official 8.0 userland
> and installed an 8.0 kernel. No problem with X. Then I booted the current
> 8.99.33 kernel (fixed for my G3) on top of that. No problem with X.
> > i guess i suspect something like libpciaccess.
> Can you see any output in Xorg.0.log after a reboot?

it ends at the radeon card list spew the few times i have
looked for it.

> > i'm going
> > to see what else changed between this bsd.own.mk version
> > and netbsd-8 release:
> So you are not running the Xorg libs from the official 8.0 release?

i was running a recent -8 build of my own.

> I could try to update my xbase and xserver from the current build, if that
> is worth a test.

i have working xorg-server 1.18.4 on ofppc when i built at 
a week or so after the switch - i checked out 20160916, and
while the kernel has nfsroot issues there, that userland
with a -current kernel works OK.

i'm looking at what changed since then and
rev 1.2 looks like something i've seen -- /dev/openfirm
hanging..  yup.  when i make /dev/openfirm go away then
it starts up fine (didn't have to change code.)


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