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Re: Workpad Z50 install issue

> Its *possible*, or it could be an issue with the machine or NetBSD.
> What NetBSD version are you trying? To see if it could be a NetBSD
> issue which has been fixed you might want to try netbsd-7 (beta)
> http://nyftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD-daily/netbsd-7/ or current
> http://nyftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD-daily/HEAD/

Currently trying to install 6.1.5.  I did manage to get it to install
but X didn't work.  Then, I rebooted it last night before work & when
I came home it had kernel panic'd & hard locked(couldn't tell why).
When I reset it I got a 301 error (keyboard).  The Hardware
Maintenance Manual said to reseat the keyboard & if that didn't work
replace the motherboard.  Fortunately, reseating the keyboard brought
it back up.

Picked up an 8GB SanDisk CF card and am trying to install now.  Still
getting carious errors from tar installing the packages.  CRC failure,
EOF errors, unable to copy, & missing files......Now getting a Header
Checksum does not match error......

> Another option to test if you have nfs working is to extract the sets
> on the NFS server and then just point the root filesystem to the nfs
> directory.

Since all the installer does is un-tar the files would it be possible
to just extract everything onto the card from another system?

> NetBSD typically has wd[number][letter] for IDE/SATA drives and
> sd[number][letter] for SCSI drives. the number is the drive number,
> starting from 0 and letter is the partition, starting from 'a' with
> 'c' being the entire disk (or 'd' on x86 for historical reasons)

Hmm..  Similar to how Linux used to use hdx for IDE & sdx for SCSI.
That was always a pain.

I originally copied the install files to the CF Card hoping to install
them locally but couldn't get the DOS partition to mount.  May have to
try that again.

It COULD also be the network card.  I have several of them so I will
try a different one once I figure out WHERE they are.......

The Z50 reminds me of my 560e.  I was actually looking for a 560Z when
I found the Z50.  Its similar in size.  It's slightly smaller and
lighter than my X21.  The X21's screen is much better.....But I want
to use the Z50 for writing with few distractions and the X21 is new
enough to go online & stuff.

I also have a CMS Automatic Backup System PCMCIA drive but when I plug
it in it powers up & then down, so I think the Z50 doesn't output
enough power to the PCMCIA to run it....

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