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Re: Using NetBSD on a z50

>> The power button seems to put it to sleep, but the backlight remains
>> on.  Is this normal?  Or is there a more correct way to put it to
>> sleep during travel.
> this is normal.  It's a limitation of the z50 hardware.  Only Wince
> can fully suspend it properly, because (as I vaguely remember) the
> power button sends a hardware interrupt or something that jumps to a
> specific point on the ROM, which is Wince.

This doesn't sound right to me.  Wince must pass it back to NetBSD,
because the kernel prints something when I push the power button.  So
why can't NetBSD do whatever it wants then?

I think more likely it's just that NetBSD doesn't (yet) know how to
make the hardware turn off the backlight.  (There's a bit in an include
file that looks promising; someday, I mean to go poking around....)

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