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Re: Using NetBSD on a z50

...and the price.  You can get a z50 with 4 gig card for less than the tax you'll have to pay on the Air. ;)

Actually, the Air coming out was the main reason I pushed through and finally got NetBSD on the z50. 

In December, I was torn between getting an iPod Touch, or waiting till January and putting that money towards the rumored Apple subnotebook.   I got the 16 gig touch.  Then when the Air was announced, at first i was bummed that I had made the wrong decision, but then reailzed that A) It doesn't quite suit my needs B) is way expensive C) is thin, not small and D) could build exactly what I need with the z50 and about $50 in "stuff".

I'm Very happy now with both the Touch and the z50.  :D


On Jan 29, 2008 9:57 AM, Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom <chrome%real-time.com@localhost> wrote:
On 01/29 09:31 , Forest Bond wrote:
> Yeah, the OLPC laptop is decidedly kid specific.  I can't touch type on the
> thing at all.  My son loves it, though.

My roommate has one; and he likes it. You're right, I'd hate the keyboard.
I just buy subcompact x86 laptops these days. The new Apple ultra-thin
laptop will be available with a solid-state drive; so that's much of the way
to being a z50 replacement (aside from the size and the keyboard quality).

Carl Soderstrom
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises

Scott Lawrence

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