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Re: Using NetBSD on a z50

On 01/27 11:17 , Scott Lawrence wrote:
> The power button seems to put it to sleep, but the backlight remains on.  Is
> this normal?  Or is there a more correct way to put it to sleep during
> travel.

this is normal. It's a limitation of the z50 hardware. Only Wince can fully
suspend it properly, because (as I vaguely remember) the power button sends
a hardware interrupt or something that jumps to a specific point on the ROM,
which is Wince. So in order to get this working properly, you'd have to
replace the ROM. (At which point, it becomes attractive to go look at a new
laptop... OLPC is almost as small, and is an x86 box).

I really miss the keyboard on my z50 tho... best laptop keyboard I ever had.

Carl Soderstrom
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises

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