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Re: z50 Install (and Hi!)

On Saturday 26 January 2008, elijah rutschman wrote:

> The z50 has a 16-bit PCMCIA slot, so you can't use a cardbus card.  \I use
> a Linksys WCF11 via a PCMCIA -> CF adapter, and it works great.
> Have fun! I hope this helps.  Somebody correct me if I am wrong, I have no
> experience with a Workpad z50, I am just making assumptions based on its
> similar specs to my MobilePro 780.
> Regards,
> Elijah R.
Hi there,
              I use an Hitachi 3GB microdrive on my Z50 .... I agree with 
Elijah re partitioning.

WRT wireless cards, i use an aironet 11Mbps card directly in the pcmcia 
slot ... works straight out of the box.  Whe you hit the power button to 
hibernate the aironet powers down as well which is nice and it all comes back 
again when hit the power button once more ... ca veat make sure you hit the 
button precisely once each time and that you wait a moment or two for the 
interrupt to be services and power resumed/hibernate


pete hilton
San Jose,CA

IsaBella --- ICE Explorer #1070

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