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z50 Install (and Hi!)

Hi all.

I've had a z50 for a few years, and finally got around to getting what I need to install NetBSD on it, to be a useful machine for me. (I also have two high capacity batteries, and get about 20 hours each of usable time on them).

I just picked up a 4gig CF card for about $25, onto which I'm going to install NetBSD this weekend.
(I also have a 512mb card, but I plan on putting X, some basic compilers and command line tools on it, so I figured I'd need more space).

A few questions and such;

Are there any side effects for using a large card like this? I've only seen a little bit of anecdotal information about using 8gig cards, and much about using the 340mb microdrives.

I at first thought that 1.5 was the newest i could put on it, but recently (through the archives of this list) have found that 4.99 works, so I'm going to try that out.

With such a large card, what are recommendations for partitioning?

I have a PC running windows here, and a bunch of macs.  I'm guessing that for getting it configured, i'll need a Linux live CD for the PC to format the cf card and userland installation.  Or am I mistaken?

I also got a D-Link DWL-G650 card.  I had ordered the DWL-650, but got the G instead.  It is a 32bit cardbus card.  I'm assuming i should send it back, since I've found nothing that says that this card will work with the z50...  The page that mentioned installing 1.5 also mentioned using a DWL-650, which is why I ordered it.  Anyone have any commentary about wifi cards?

I'm really looking forward to diving into this. :D  I've used OS X for years, and back in the early-mid 90s, i used a BSD 4.4 system (CCI Tahoe) extensively.  (I know that not all flavours of BSD are equal, I don't claim to know much about BSD, i only know I like it, and that this lappy will suit my needs much more with NetBSD than it can with WinCE. heh)


Scott Lawrence

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