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Re: z50 Install (and Hi!)

Hi Scott,
Are there any side effects for using a large card like this? I've only seen a little bit of anecdotal information about using 8gig cards, and much about using the 340mb microdrives.

I have used 5gb, 4gb and 1gb drives.  I don't imagine you'll have any issues with any sizes of flash card or microdrive.

With such a large card, what are recommendations for partitioning?

I have a PC running windows here, and a bunch of macs.  I'm guessing that for getting it configured, i'll need a Linux live CD for the PC to format the cf card and userland installation.  Or am I mistaken?

I've found that Disk Utility in OS X works pretty well, just create a 2 partition scheme with a small DOS partition for installation files.  The other partition can be unformatted.

I also got a D-Link DWL-G650 card.  I had ordered the DWL-650, but got the G instead.  It is a 32bit cardbus card.  I'm assuming i should send it back, since I've found nothing that says that this card will work with the z50...  The page that mentioned installing 1.5 also mentioned using a DWL-650, which is why I ordered it.  Anyone have any commentary about wifi cards?

The z50 has a 16-bit PCMCIA slot, so you can't use a cardbus card.  \I use a Linksys WCF11 via a PCMCIA -> CF adapter, and it works great.

Have fun! I hope this helps.  Somebody correct me if I am wrong, I have no experience with a Workpad z50, I am just making assumptions based on its similar specs to my MobilePro 780.


Elijah R.

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