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Re: updated restorecd script (Re: NetBSD 4.0 Restore CD for Cobalt)

> One thing that did stump me for a second is that I couldn't netboot
> when I used the CD in my usual machine that has a VIA network card, I
> put it in my laptop that has an Intel network card and it was fine.

Maybe you could see how your VIA one was probed (or not)
on your server. (login as root and see dmesg(8))

If the machine has more than one interfaces, the first probed one
is used implicitly. In that case you could disable unwanted
ones by userconf(4) on boot(8) on server's bootloader.

I also saw that restorecd sometimes failed when cobalt was
powered up before i386 server was ready (i.e. at login prompt).
I have not tracked what happened in that case, but rebooting
the server might solve it.

Note I'm afraid that the newer bootloader (which is also
used to netboot) might has a problem with 10baseT networks.
Izumi Tsutsui

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