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RE: updated restorecd script (Re: NetBSD 4.0 Restore CD for Cobalt)

> Hi chaps,
> I tried the restore CD last night and it seems to work great. I've
> not got around to setting up anything other than the os yet but first
> impressions are good.
> One thing that did stump me for a second is that I couldn't netboot
> when I used the CD in my usual machine that has a VIA network card, I
> put it in my laptop that has an Intel network card and it was fine.
> I vaguely remember it being the other way around when I used somebody
> elses 3.99.17 restore CD. Is it something to do with the machine it's
> compiled on?
> Cheers
> Glyn

try the original 4.0 restore cd, do you still have the same problem?
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