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Re: Installing NetBSD on Jetson Nano

On 25/01/22 22:04, Dan MacDonald wrote:
It seems those u-boot files may not be needed after all.

I tried booting the latest current arm64.img without burning any
u-boot to the sd card but this time with a serial cable attached
and I realised that it does start to boot, it just doesn't bring up
HDMI so I wasn't seeing the boot messages.

So the U-Boot is doing EFI for us. Nice.

I don't get as far as the login prompt tho. I get a kernel panic when
its initiating the PCI it seems:


You should be able to use the efiboot menu (you know the one at the NetBSD flag) to run userconf and then enter the command "disable tegrapcie0" before booting. I've only ever used userconf from boot.cfg, so I don't know what you actually need to type in.


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