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Re: Aarch64 installer (trying to get Pinebook to run)

On 27. Dec 2021, at 12:06, Benny Siegert <bsiegert%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> All of the early steps, until the kernel initializes the graphical
> console, go to the serial console.
> I bought a serial console cable that goes into the headphone port.
> Inside the laptop, there is a switch to change the port from
> headphones to console. This allows you to see the convoluted process
> in full glory :) U-Boot, then the NetBSD EFI bootloader, then the
> kernel.

That’s interesting. Because I was using the Pinebook Pro with an SD Card for a year already -- it was using the graphical console right from the start of the booting process. No serial console needed. Then my SD Card broke, and I thought let’s just use a brand new build and “burn” a new SD Card from it. And now nothing works anymore. Therefore my confusion. 


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