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Fwd: Aarch64 installer (trying to get Pinebook to run)

On 12/27/21 9:38 AM, Benjamin Lorenz wrote:
On 27. Dec 2021, at 10:01, Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> wrote:

No, that is how EFI booting works. The kernel is on the FFS partition.
Depending on the device you use you may have to add the proper u-boot
to the stick (or image) - if your device does not come with preloaded EFI.
I remember I had been using another disk image for the Pinebook Pro which did contain plenty of other files on the DOS partition, including a netbsd.img. But happy to learn this can be simplified, not using /netbsd on ffs and in parallel netbsd.img on dos.

Now, my issue is that the plain vanilla builds from nyftp only yield an empty screen on my Pinebook Pro (looking at the LEDs flickering I *believe* the system actually boots, though). Any idea how to proceed? Booting from an external Micro SD Card, BTW.


**** Forgot to copy list ****


    The reason you are seeing different behavior is that u-boot (analogous to BIOS on i386/amd64) can live in SPI flash or on the SD card/eMMC module. On disk it lives in unallocated space in between the MBR and the DOS partition.

    I bought my Pinebook a while ago, but somehow the u-boot on the flash got updated to a 2021.07 version (maybe a Manjaro Linux package?). And now my Pinebook displays boot messages to the LCD (both from u-boot and the NetBSD EFI loader). Prior to this the boot messages would only get displayed to the console port (which is accessed via the headphone jack with a special adapter and requires a switch to be flipped inside the unit).

    I can't seem to access the SPI flash on my Pinebook Pro via the /dev/spiflash0 device to make a copy, but I wonder if the problem is that the image you are using also has u-boot code on it and that's being used. Is the image specific for the Pinebook Pro?

    If the image is not specific to the Pinebook Pro then it might be that the u-boot has been updated on the Pinebook Pro image (that I downloaded from invisible.ca).

    I know that whatever u-boot image exists on my disk allows the boot messages to show up on the screen. So if you want a copy of the first 40mb of my eMMC module available for you to download (1.3Mb gziped). That should work (it's worked for me across multiple "disks" for me).


Jason M.

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