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Re: Aarch64 installer (trying to get Pinebook to run)

On Mon, Dec 27, 2021 at 10:38 AM Benjamin Lorenz
<mail%benjaminlorenz.com@localhost> wrote:
> Now, my issue is that the plain vanilla builds from nyftp only yield an empty screen on my Pinebook Pro (looking at the LEDs flickering I *believe* the system actually boots, though). Any idea how to proceed? Booting from an external Micro SD Card, BTW.

All of the early steps, until the kernel initializes the graphical
console, go to the serial console.

I bought a serial console cable that goes into the headphone port.
Inside the laptop, there is a switch to change the port from
headphones to console. This allows you to see the convoluted process
in full glory :) U-Boot, then the NetBSD EFI bootloader, then the


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