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Re: HOWTO for RPi4 and -current?

mayuresh%acm.org@localhost (Mayuresh) writes:

>Can you / anyone else, confirm whether omxplayer on pi 4 uses GPU or not,
>(on NetBSD i.e. and which arch)?

omxplayer always uses the GPU, it talks to the firmware to create
the overlay display. But there are no 64bit versions of the client
libraries, so omxplayer doesn't exist in 64bit either.

Same is true for Linux, but there you have a 32bit version of the
OS (running the CPU in LPAE mode to access more than the original

It should be possible to port the client libraries to 64bit and
maybe also to overcome the original display resolution limits. But
nobody does this, instead people were working on native (Linux DRM)
support for the RPI4 GPU. AFAIK that driver (v3d) is GPL licensed
and must not be used as part of NetBSD.

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