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Re: HOWTO for RPi4 and -current?

On Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 11:38:39AM -0700, Michael Cheponis wrote:
> I run this in 'production' with a 500 GB Samsung SSD (in place of the usb
> stick, which I used for testing, above).  Plugged into USB 3, this sucker
> is probably 10x faster than the SDcard, it's really pleasant to use.

Great to hear that.

Can you / anyone else, confirm whether omxplayer on pi 4 uses GPU or not,
(on NetBSD i.e. and which arch)?

I have a routine desktop use case of Pi 4. On Raspbian on pi 4 I found
that non-GPU players (mplayer, mpv) eventually heat it up and bring the
thermometer symbol on the screen. One is constrained to use only omxplayer
with all its quirks.

- OSD doesn't work. All advised settings (fonts etc.) are right.
- Once omxplayer starts you can't switch the window to any other
- No way to increase playback speed keeping the pitch constant
- Most annoying: When omxplayer launches, the focus remains on previous
  window. So if you type the hotkeys they don't reach omxplayer. I had to
  write a wrapper around omx to switch focus to it after launch to work
  around this.

All this on Raspbian. Was wondering about trying out NetBSD - whether at
least a few of the above issues could be mitigated better.


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