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Re: HOWTO for RPi4 and -current?

> - Once omxplayer starts you can't switch the window to any other
>    application

> - Most annoying: When omxplayer launches, the focus remains on
>    previous window.  [...]

> All this on Raspbian.  [...]

I don't know to what extent Raspbian uses X (as opposed to one of the
various experiments in alternatives, such as Wayland).  But, from an X
perspective, those are not issues with omxplayer proper but issues with
the window manager in use, or, possibly, its configuration.  (The first
one would be an issue with omxplayer if it used an override-redirect
window, but that is inconsistent with the focus behaviour.)

I mention this mostly because of the possibility that you may find the
same issues persisting if you switch to NetBSD but use the WM you used
to use under Raspbian, when it's not really the OS's fault.

(The other two issues you list strike me as more likely faults on
omxplayer itself.)

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